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Residential Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass & Water

Artificial grass is becoming more and more sought after in our area due to water conservation efforts, time savings and becoming more conscious of the chemicals we use near our families and pets.

With the exception of this winter, we've had a shortage of water and governmental agencies around the state have restricted water usage. One good winter isn't going to fix or return us back into a state that can use all the water we want. In fact, water restrictions are continuing through this year to help conserve water just in case next winter is dry. Woods Cross and surrounding areas are in this group of cities that are continuing to restrict water.

In an effort to make our yards look green without putting a lot of water towards it, an alternative is switching to a synthetic lawn. This type of lawn needs no water. In fact, it handles water really well so that if you receive an abundance of snow or rain, the water will drain into the grass and the infill beneath. No more mud or holes created by an over excess of water in a short time period.

Front Yard with Artificial Grass
Playing soccer on artificial turf

Synthetic Turf and Time

As inflation rises, many more families are forced to work outside the home with so few hours left to spend with their family, home and yard.

Reduce the stress of yard care by installing artificial grass. Even if you hire out your landscaping needs, over time those costs exceed the initial cost of grass installation.

It pays to check the costs vs. the reward of green grass all year long with very low maintenance.

Astroturf & Pets

In order to keep your natural grass weed-free, pest-free and green, you or a hired professional needs to apply several chemicals of varying types throughout the year.

While the government is approving the use of chemicals right and left in our environment (including our foods), where is it that we can make an impact and reduce the chemicals we use?

Synthetic grass is one way we can reduce the chemicals that come in contact with our kids and pets. Installation of synthetic grass is non-toxic and doesn't need any chemical or treatments to stay perfectly green and healthy-looking.

Check out what installing artificial grass do for you and your family. We serve Woods Cross and all surrounding neighborhoods.

Pet playing on astroturf
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